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Founded in 2012, China's first hotel art fair - Shanghai Art Fair (AArt) is about to open a new chapter, ushered in the 8th, and is expected to make AArt the most important art fair in Shanghai in the spring! AArt gathers in mainland China, Taiwan Gallery institutions and artists in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions create a unique brand connotation with an international perspective. After 7 years of accumulation, AArt has accumulated a steady stream of art consumers and high-end collectors.

AArt is an elegant and experiential art fair. It arranges works in a hotel room with a home atmosphere, blends art and living environment, and conveys the power of aesthetics in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. A dialogue between art and life.

After years of experience, the new expo will be carefully planned in the exhibition content and region, planning and designing a reasonable area to meet the exhibition needs of the galleries and other institutions and the audience's appreciation experience, including the “Gallery Gallery” professional gallery exhibition area. The “New City” youth art exhibition area and the “Art Gift” Wenchuang brand exhibition area have three major themes. It is foreseeable that the 2019AArt will significantly improve the scale of the exhibition and the diversity of its contents, and will continue to convey the artistic attitude of art life and artistic life! The “Gallery Collection” exhibition area - facing the world, invites professional galleries to participate. Display modern and contemporary works. “City Rookie” Exhibition Area - Through the project plan and theme curation method, select outstanding young creators with future potential and sustainable development to showcase their works for the past two years. “Art Gifts” Exhibition Area - Inviting cultural and creative art institutions with connotations, brand stories and creative life to participate in the exhibition, displaying art derivative products with content aesthetics.


Shanghai City Art Fair (AArt) is Shanghai's first international hotel-style art fair. AArt is a high quality art collection and trading platform built in five-star hotel rooms. In the name of the city, AArt takes the hotel room as the display unit, takes the hotel-style style, and combines the art and living space to create a new collection and trading concept, presenting the founding purpose of the fair – art and life. dialogue.



The successful holding of the 2012 Shanghai City Art Fair is a great boost to the creative industries and social and cultural aspects of the entire city. Bringing together exquisite works from 55 galleries around the world, and working with private banks, private clubs, private elite schools, trust companies, art funds, high-end clubs, college EMBAs, business associations, and foreign consulates, and organized to bring targeted customers. Dozens of mainstream media such as TV, plane and internet have conducted follow-up reports and on-site interviews before, during and after the show. During the three days of the exhibition, attracting more than 6,000 visitors, 80% of the galleries reached a deal, and the total transaction volume exceeded RMB 10 million. Liu Yungeng, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Director Hu Jinjun of the Wenguang Bureau, Director of the Shanghai Tourism Bureau, Dao Shuming, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, and Director of the Shanghai Museum, Chen Yujun, and other leaders came to visit and fully affirmed this unique form of exhibition and future development.

創辦於 2012 年的中國首個酒店型藝術博覽會 - 上海城市藝術博覽會(簡稱 AArt)即將開啟新篇章,迎來第 8 屆,預期把 AArt 做成上海春季最重要的藝術博覽會! AArt 匯聚大陸、台灣、日本、韓國、東南亞等區域的畫廊機構與藝術家,以國際視野打造獨特的品牌內涵。經過 7 屆的積累,AArt 穩紮穩打積累了豐厚的藝術消費群體和高端的收藏人士。

AArt 定位是優雅精緻、體驗式的藝術博覽會,在具備家居氣氛的酒店客房佈置作品,把藝術品與生活環境融為一體,在輕鬆愉快的氛圍中傳遞美學的力量,呈現博覽會的創辦宗旨——藝術與生活的對話。

經過多年的經驗總結,新一屆博覽會,將在展覽內容和區域上做細緻規劃,規劃設計出合理的區域滿足畫廊等機構的展示需求及觀眾的鑑賞體驗,包括“畫廊薈萃”專業畫廊展區、“城市新秀”青年藝術展區和“藝術禮物”文創品牌展區三大主題。可以預見,2019AArt 將在展覽規模及內容多樣性上有顯著的提升,並一如既往地傳達出藝術生活化,生活藝術化的美學態度!“畫廊薈萃”展區 - 面向全球,邀請各專業畫廊機構參與,展示現當代優質作品。“城市新秀”展區 - 通過專案計劃及主題策展方式,遴選有未來潛力、可持續發展之優秀青年創作者參與,展示作品為近兩年新作。“藝術禮物”展區 - 邀請有內涵、有品牌故事並極俱生活創意的文創藝術機構參與,展示內容為生活美學範疇的藝術衍生商品等等。


上海城市藝術博覽會(簡稱AArt)是上海第一個面向國際的酒店型藝術博覽會。 AArt是搭建在五星級酒店客房內的一個高質量的藝術品收藏與交易平台。 AArt以城市為名,以酒店客房為展示單元,以酒店式特有風格,以藝術品與生活空間融為一體的展覽形式,打造全新的收藏交易理念,呈現博覽會的創立宗旨——藝術與生活的對話。

















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